Reigns: Game of Thrones

Will you survive winter? Take on one of Game of Thrones most interesting plot decicions in various hypothetical scenarios.

Posted by Paul on 18 December 2018 at 4:33PM

As a popular franchise taken to the small screen by HBO, Game of Thrones makes its jump to mobile with the style of the recognized swipe game of Reigns. We can thank developer Nerial with support of Devolver Digital for it.


Reigns Game of Thrones is a peculiar type of game for this genre. It truly engulfs players into a vast diversity of dialogues and an ocean of “what if”s. The game revolves around the idea of what would happen if X character was sat on the Iron Throne, having to take harsh and silly decisions to give the kingdom a specified route which will ultimately end in the character's demise. The title is mostly directed to people who have caught up to the series, since whichever character you choose will encounter key plot points from the series but interestingly intertwined with fictional events.


The original plot from this title is about Melisandre trying to learn what the Lord of Light is trying to tell her through magical messages, these showing her what would a character do in the Iron Throne and to prove if he/she would be the chosen one, Azor Ahai. The player must then make a series of decisions that will eventually unlock new characters and a new set of cards, but with the burden of having to maintain control of the games four stat attributes which will kill the character if only one drops to zero or if it reaches one hundred points, all depending on whether you swipe left or right.

The game gives players ways to advance the story by posting main objectives that should hint as to what decisions they could make or in what circumstances they should investigate further on specific situations or characters who are hiding their intentions. Even though you can play with a variety of characters with unique paths, there are common paths in which the player must go through, regardless of the abilities your protagonist puts on the table. This sometimes causes you to keep hitting walls if you don't pay attention to previous decisions, so mixing them up whether they may sound dumb could open up a way through.


I believe that fans of Game of Thrones will truly enjoy the game, as all these hypothetical scenarios have been speculated in forums across the internet ever since the books by George R. R. Martin, A Tale of Ice and Fire, were published. On the other hand, fresh players can find it intriguing by the vast amount of branches this fictional universe has to offer, and maybe even jump into the bandwagon of the series, but mostly if they are already familiar with the type of game Reigns or Reigns Her Majesty is and how it has impacted the mobile gaming scene with its simple yet addicting game style.

The good

  • A lot of variety and decision branching
  • Simple gameplay with hints and leads
  • Visually appealing with the art of Reigns
  • Appropriate soundtrack

The bad

  • There can only be so many scenarios