Godus is one of the most baffling, cynical and insulting games in a while with a PC build that seems ripe for monetization exploitation to be implemented at any time.


Glitchspace has a strong concept but repetitive and simplistic puzzle solutions hold it back in it's current state.


Journal tells a genuinely affecting and touching story in a small amount of time.


Apsis is an upcoming game where you control a flock of birds in the beautiful, beautiful skies.

SteamWorld Dig

Thanks to SteamWorld Dig's fast paced upgrade system, mining is fun and doesn't outstay it's welcome in this short but rewarding adventure.

Lichdom: Battlemage

After just over an hour of playing the early access game Lichdom: Battlemage it is clear that it has enormous potential with it's tremendously fun first person magic casting gameplay.


FRACT OSC is a music based puzzle and exploration game that everyone should play.

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